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Help us conserve our farm and forest land: a place that looks like home.

This Western New York country corner has been family owned and operated since 1836

In the nineteenth century, German and Polish immigrants sought land to farm and a place close to nature to raise their families. When they saw this corner of the earth, they knew they had found a place that looked like home. Family farmers have continuously tended this land, weathering seasons and changes in farming and the movement of industry.

Help protect our farm land

Winkelman Farm Conservation Corporation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that monitors two conservation easements. We believe in respecting the land, and keeping it as it was meant to be kept: in the hands of the farmers.

A conservation easement is a legally-binding agreement between a private land owner and a government entity to protect land that has historic, ecological, or scenic value.

Give Back

Farming is the invisible network behind our everyday comforts. The strawberries on our desserts, the milk we drink with our cookies, the greens we mix in our salads. As urban sprawl and commercial development pushes further, demanding land, this invisible network is in danger of disappearing from the local landscape. What is the cost? Not only do our food sources become more expensive, they become less fresh, less local, less tied to heritage.

Preserve Our Land

A field of trillium flowers has been untouched for nearly one hundred years. Once disturbed, these protected plants will not spread. Peregrine falcons and other bird species call this place their home.

Not only is it their land, it is ours. It is America. This is one small plot of land in the middle of a vast country, and every bit counts. Every acre is a sanctuary for birds, insects, and flowers, and it can remain that way, with your support.

Take a stand for justice

When you donate to Winkelman Farm, you are taking a stand for justice. Farmers are givers, the ones who know the pain of hard work and the joy that comes at harvest time. When you give to Winkelman Farm, you are giving to an oasis of serenity, to a public space, to a way of life that represents history and legacy, to nature and to the family farmers who make it possible.

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