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WFCC Mission Statement

Many retiring farmers face financial burdens that force the sale of their land for its valuable development rights and are ineligible for current conservation easement tax deductions.  WFCC is a not-for-profit organization that seeks creative ways to pay retiring farmers fair market value for the development rights to their land and holds those rights forever in the form of a conservation easement, thereby helping other other conservation organizations preserve open space in Western New York.  WFCC was founded in 2007 as an organization of last resort for landowners in East Eden and Boston, NY who wish to preserve the natural, historic and dproductive farming value of their lands.  WFCC works on project properties that lie within this small target area.

Board Members

President, Jeff Wohlhueter, Rolesville, NC


Vice President, Sam Magavern, Buffalo, NY


Treasurer, Kevin O’Gorman MD, Eden, NY


Secretary, Christin Yablonski, Youngstown, NY


Board member, Tara Woyton, East Aurora, NY


Administrator, Cathy Lynn Danzer